The Swedish Carnegie Institute

  • is a private, non-profit foundation with the purpose of promoting research on drug abuse, criminality and other major contemporary social problems,
  • advances interdisciplinary integration and production of knowledge,
  • carries out research through research programs and supports information projects on drug abuse,
  • gives priority to research on drug abuse and criminal justice,
  • arranges Carnegie Seminars in current contemporary social problems,
  • promotes international scientific cooperation and exchanges,
  • supports research through grants etc.; however financial support is given only at the initiative of the institute,
  • assists public authorities and private organizations with research reviews, memoranda and consultations,
  • is located in Stockholm,
  • is governed by a Board of Directors with the following members:

Mr Stefan Holgersson

Mr Walter Kegö

Dr Kerstin Käll, M. D., Ph. D.

Mr Peder Langenskiöld Folke executive director

Dr Lars Vigerland, Ph. D. (econ.) chairman

Mr Peder Langenskiöld